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About the Game

In the Style Savvy™: Trendsetters game, you take on the role of a budding fashion mogul, styling your way to the top of the fashion world.

Manage your own boutique and help customers find the perfect outfit by keeping up with fashion trends, stocking new clothes for your store, and customizing your shop to reflect your personality. With thousands of styles to choose from, it's up to you to build a fashion dynasty like no other!

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Your Fashion Dynasty

You’ve caught everyone’s eye with your cutting-edge style, and now everyone in town is turning to you to complete their looks.

You’ll have your hands full running a full-scale fashion boutique, satisfying hundreds of customers, competing in fashion contests, managing part-time assistants, purchasing items for your stockroom, and customizing your shop.

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The Hottest Styles

The Style Savvy™: Trendsetters game features over 12,000 unique styles, ranging from tops to jeans, shoes, accessories, and more. Use your keen sense of style to mix and match amongst them and craft the perfect outfit for any customer.

Women's Brands

Discover lots of fun ways to show off your fashion ensembles to your friends! LEARN MORE

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Play With Friends

Link up with friends and fellow fashionistas from around the world in Style Savvy™ : Trendsetters! Here are some ways you can show off and share your fashions with others.